Saturday, 14 June 2014

Arrived: Los Angeles

Hi everyone, I'm here in Los Angeles for no less than 3 months. First off, I have joined YOGAWORKS which has studios in LA and NY. I managed to get an incredible deal that 

worked out at $135 for my whole stay! I have been attending the Ashtanga/Mysore classes which basically has a 2 hour slot. You go in within that 2 hours, work through the series at your own pace and leave when your cooked! 

The standard of my fellow students is astounding and its motivating to work amongst such 'bendy' people. But hay, they have been doing this type of yoga for years....and even over the past week my body has been loving it.

However I have woken up this morning from doing an Inter/Adv Vinyassa Flow class yesterday and my body is screaming! 

I've learnt that...for me.... although my body likes to work exceptionably hard it likes to work at it's own pace. Maybe it's an age thing these days.

I have noticed that the Ashtanga/Mysore class left my body feeling wonderfully stretched and toned. Sweat dripped as I had no trouble finding the  motivation to push my body through the whole primary series in 2 sessions. 

Jodi Blumstein 

and I am so pleased I have found her as my teacher. You just know when your in the right place and the right time! 

I've learnt that working at a teachers pace (led class) puts my body into an unnatural state of stress and my muscles react to that, which I am finding difficult. It's not until I've experienced this new way of practice that I realise my body loves it! 

Quick is not always best. I trained as ballet dancer and nothing is slower than ballet training.

It's so exciting when you find out something new about yourself.   

The teacher tells us that we need to drift into that meditative state as I work through the asana's. However, in contradiction it would mean 'I' would not be able to keep to the pace of the class if I did. That's why the Mysore class is defiantly the way forward for me....I work to my own rhythm.

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