Friday, 21 November 2014

Activate those hands

Using your hands in Ashtanga Yoga

Hello Hands!!

each hand contains, approx

29 major & minor bones
29 major joints
At least 123 named ligaments
34 muscles, move the fingers & thumb
17 in palm of hand and 18 in forearm
48 named nerves
3 major nerves
24 named sensory branches
21 named muscular branches
30 named arteries and nearly as many smaller named branches

I went through a period of bad hand alignment. I even bought a wrist support. It took time to heal, it was painful, frustrating and I did all sorts of modifications  [I used blocks so my hands curled over the sides ] which allowed me to carry on practicing.

Here is a a short video of Maria Villella who teaches in Los Angeles, Santa Monica.  
You can see how active her hands are and how she pushes them into the mat, distributing her weight evenly.

So are you fully using your hands? 



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