Monday, 21 June 2021

Morning Ashtanga Yoga @ 7:50 am UK

Looking for a yoga practice that is dynamic and energising? 

Boost your immune system, connect to deep breathing and find the stillness.

Are you ready to start the journey?

I'm here in the South of France offering to you each morning a dynamic practice through Zoom. Hop on and see if you like it.  

Please contact me my via email at and I can give you payment details and the link. 

Starting at 7:50am  - 50mins





No Class Wednesday


£5 per class
£15 for the week [4 classes]


  • Ashtanga Yoga 
  • Occasional Vinyasa Flow inc.
  • The style is dynamic and energising
  • I will talk you through the class giving instruction. 
  • Beginners welcome  
  • By joining the session you agree take full responsibility for your practice and leave out any posture that give any type of discomfort.  
  • No class Wednesdays.
  • On moon days there is a gentle flow class. 


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